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Performance comparison between electric motorcycles and traditional fuel motorcycles
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Compared with motorcycles and fuel-assisted vehicles, electric motorcycles show their outstanding performance advantages: firstly, they are non-polluting. This is because electric motorcycles use electric energy from batteries as driving energy and operate as electric motors. There is no exhaust emission during the process, so there is no pollution compared with motorcycles and fuel-assisted vehicles.


Secondly, during the riding process, the electric motorcycle has low noise and low vibration. This is because the car is driven by an electric motor. The noise generated by the motor during operation is relatively small and the operation is relatively stable. The motorcycle and the fuel-assisted motor vehicle are driven by the fuel engine, and the noise generated by the cylinder is relatively large. Due to the volume limitation, the number of cylinders of the generator is small, the operation is not stable enough, and the vibration is large.


More importantly, electric motorcycles work more efficiently. Under the same conditions, the efficiency of fuel-powered motorcycles is generally only about 30%, while the efficiency of electric motorcycles can reach more than 70%. The structure is simple, light, easy to maintain and repair. Electric motorcycles generally consist of batteries, control panels, motors and bodywork. At the same time, compared with motorcycles and fuel-assisted vehicles, the daily maintenance and maintenance are much less.www.guoweimoto.com