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Maintenance knowledge of electric scooter
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The life length of the lead-acid battery used in the electric scooter has much to do with the daily maintenance of the user, and the following points should be noted in general:

1, nurturance with the use of the habit, so that batteries often maintain the status of electricity.

2, according to the itinerary to determine the length of charge, control in 4-12 hours, not long when the charge.

3, the battery long time to place, need to first sufficient electricity, once a month to replenish.

4, in the beginning and uphill, against the wind with the pedal to help.

5, when charging to use a matching charger, placed in a cool ventilated place, to avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let water into the charger, to prevent an electric shock accident.