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Electric motorcycle structure design guidelines
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Generally, in the process of designing the structure of an electric motorcycle, there are certain proportions for the design of the three parts of the front, middle and rear of the vehicle body. The ratio of height to width of the overall body should be around 1:3. When dealing with local structures, it is often used to contrast the main components to achieve the desired effect of the main tone.


Of course, the design of the frame of the electric motorcycle is mostly based on the triangular structure. This is because the design of the triangle in the design is the most stable, so it is generally the use of multiple three-legged structure concept to accumulate a most stable body structure.


Usually in order to improve the safety and comfort of driving, in the design of electric motorcycle structure, the overall position of the occupants needs to be controlled within a certain height. This requires us to control the angles suitable for the low position when designing the car's outer structure, and to enhance the comfort of the driver and driver. It is understood that the knee stretch angle between 130 ° and 150 ° is the most powerful and most comfortable. In the actual design, we should carry out structural research and transformation based on this data.